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sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

Fake Trump

Trump lies all the time and denies everything, he managed to become president despite the fact that every person in America can identify him as a dangerous character from Chaucer’s tales or a study of what pathological liars are all about. Tragically Trump is not a story in a book that we can close and forget about.

No one could argue that compulsive lying destroys families, companies, businesses and most relationships. So no one can be surprised as to why Trump has had some many failures in his businesses and his marriages. Undoubtedly, his ability to lie so often and so effortlessly may have made him a winner of a few deals, but it is definitely the reason why he went bankrupt so many times and won the also the reason why he won the presidency. He is a demagogue.

Compulsive or pathological liars tell lies constantly, it’s not shocking to anyone in America that Trump maybe lying every time he opens his mouth. It is so bad that people are shocked if he ever tells the truth and that is so sad. Yet sometimes, you end up wishing or hoping that Trump in fact lied about certain things. Like when he said that he wanted to have sex with his own daughter Ivanka.

Trump lies so often that is like a drug to him. It gives him adrenalin and makes him feel in control of the American voter.  But Trump is spinning tales that he can’t stop. The dangerous part is that Trump feels such need to lie to the point that he lied to the director of the FBI and he lied about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the institution that is comprised to protect the American people and is made by the best professionally trained people that are supposed to catch liars, conmen and criminals.
Trump has such a bad habit of lying that he may not even know that he is doing it. Of course, he lies so often that he is making up more lies to cover up the original ones. It is so notable that every time Trump says “believe me” is when he is not sure if he already lied.

If fact you can spot when Trump is lying. He looks straight ahead as if he is remembering a fact, then he gives you several face expressions that are in between contempt, spoil brat, arrogance, narcissism and stupidity all at the same time.  

“Radix malorum est Cupiditas, or “greed is the root of all evil.” That defines Trump and he is a combination of preaching and selling promises of salvation. In fact, Trump may be the evil reincarnation of the “pardoner’s tale”. I can see Trump taking a sheep’s bone and claiming it has miraculous healing powers for all kinds of ailments. Trump expects Americans to believe him and happily he is filling his pockets while he poses as the President of the United States of America.
Trump became president solely to get money, not to correct the ills of America. His speeches are nothing more than the product of his evil intentions. By preaching America First, Trump has gone after immigrants, Muslims, the poor, the politicians, the democrats, the media, the journalist, the comedians and anyone he does not like. I wonder if he has secretly given orders to get those people that had offended him or his brethren.

In his rhetoric, he always preaches about himself; how smart he is, how rich he is, how well educated he is, how intelligent he is, how handsome he is, what an incredible negotiator he is, what an incredible job he is doing and no one can be compared to himself. But Trump’s only interest is to fill his ever-deepening pockets. He would rather take the last penny from the poor, the stupid and the moronic masses than give up more money to improve education, to protect the environment, or to fight any good causes around the world. Trump has gone to sell weapons and claimed he is promoting peace.

Trump has described Mexicans as uneducated, ignorant and rapist people who spend their time drinking, using drugs or trafficking drugs and getting everything for free from Americans. It is all a lie but somehow the ignorant masses took the lies as facts.

Trump often spins tales of other people as commenting on their lifestyle of debauchery, stupidity, incompetence.  Trump always manages to deliver himself into a tirade against the vices of other people. First and foremost, Trump accuses a list of countries like China, North Korea, Mexico as taking advantage of good Uncle Sam due to the stupidity and not very bright people in the previous Obama government. Next, he attacks the democrats, which he often seems to treat as all the witless Americans. Next is anyone he deems to be working to diminish the power and wealth of Americans. Finally, he denounces all news outlets as fake media. He argues that “no one” must be believed, except good old God believing pathological, sociopath, fake Trump. 

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